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TFP has been exporting to Rodrigues Island for the past 16 years. All our products are imported one's or locally made.

  • We serve with dedication
  • We have 95% customer satisfaction rating
  • We are a reliable supplier, we walk the talk
  • We offer competitive prices, We have over 70 years of experience
  • We have strong Values, integrity and ethics

1. Packaging

For Rodrigues export, each item is carefully verified by our agents and are carefully packed to avoid any scratches during shipment.

2. Loading of items on lorry

All items are covered on the lorry to protect them in case of bad weather.

3. Loading of container at Port Louis, Mauritius

The container is loaded by a team of specialists. Once all items have* been properly loaded into the container, it is sealed by MPA agents. Container is loaded and sealed 5 to 7 days before the ship sails.

4. Unloading of container at Port Mathurin, Rodrigues

After leaving Mauritius, the ship will reach Rodrigues Island within 2 days. We have a dedicated team in Rodrigues, who are assigned to unload the container. Unloading of containers are normally effected after 3 days.

5. Doorstep delivery

Customers are contacted the same day after unloading is completed. Even if the roads are narrow or with no easy access, we try to find a way to deliver your order at your doorstep. All imported products come in boxes and assembly is done one day after delivery.

6. Customers after delivery